Scar Removal

We specialize in scar removal treatments on any area of the body to help you achieve clear and smooth skin. Our practitioners use state-of-the-art treatments to target and diminish scars on all skin types.

Scar Removal

Have you developed acne scarring over years of persistent breakouts? Have you developed scars from surgical incisions, trauma or injury? Bella Derma Laser & Med Spa can help! We offer treatments which can improve the appearance of existing scars.

How does it work?

Microneedling is one of the most effective solutions for getting rid of many types of scars.

The industry-leading Morpheus8™ harnesses the efficacy of microneedling and the healing powers of radiofrequency (RF) energy. The Morpheus8 device penetrates your subdermal tissue and creates micro-wounds. As the tiny needles puncture your skin, they send out waves of RF energy to enhance healing processes. Cells quickly regenerate and begin forming new tissues, including collagen. Over time and a series of treatments, Morpheus8 can reduce scar appearance and even get rid of acne scars.

The SkinPen® is a medical-grade, state-of-the-art precision microneedling tool to address acne scars and the symptoms of aging. The SkinPen® causes controlled micro-injuries that stimulate the body’s natural wound healing process. The micro-injuries trigger the release of cytokines and growth factors that lead to remodeling of collagen and elastin. The result is effective remodeling of acne scar tissue while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact. Revealing smooth healthy skin.

We also offer a fractional, non-ablative laser. This laser delivers energy deep into the skin, affecting old skin cells and generating new collagen for skin that is smoother and more even. It targets your scars without causing harm to the surrounding skin. As the energy is absorbed into the skin your body’s natural healing process will begin creating new, healthy skin in the area that was treated. Laser scar removal is a great option for acne scars or surgical scars on virtually anywhere on the body.

Lastly, we offer VI Peel® to treat scars. Our medical grade peels are designed to shed the outer layer of your skin, which means that it becomes easier for your skin to heal and reboot by enhancing cell turnover. The peel is specifically formulated to help smooth skin texture and repair acne scars, brightening dark areas left after an acne scar, and soothing inflammation and redness.

Keep in mind that while scars may be minimized and faded by cosmetic treatments, they can never be completely eliminated. Bella Derma Laser & Med Spa offers our clients superior solutions in scar treatment. Our professionals will help you to decide the best treatment for your needs.

Results - Fractional Laser Treatment

Acne Scar Female Before | Bella Derma Laser & Med Spa | Eagleville, PA
Acne Scar Female After | Bella Derma Laser & Med Spa | Eagleville, PA